The following privacy policy isaiming to describe the web site mode management, in reference to the use of cookies and the personal user’s data handling.
Werecommend users to readcarefully  the following web privacy policy before sending any type of personal data and before filling in any electronic form included on the web site.

According to the article 13 of the UE 2016/679 (GDPR) rule, Beauty Line Luise, acquaints the web site users, that the collected personal data will be handledaccording with the abovementioned rule.
In relation to the abovementioned treatments Beauty Line Luise provides the following informations.

1 Holder and Data controller
The holder/ data controller is mss. Marilena Oliverio, whom the user can addressusing the e-mail, for exercise of hisrights.

2 Personal data collected
The personal data collectedrefers to

2.1 Browsing data
The computer systems addicted to operate with this web site acquire some personal data, whose transmission isinvolved in the use of internet communicationprotocols.
This data are notacquired with the aim to be associated with identifiedinterests, but by their nature couldallow to identify users by processing and association with data held by third parties.
Fall intothis data category the adressed id, the domain names of computers used by the web site users ,adressesinURInotation of requiredresources, time of request, method of requestsubjecting to server, the numerical code indicating the state answerprovided from the server ( succesfull, error) and othersparameters relative to operating system and IT environment of the user.
This data are handled with the sole aim to obtain anonymous statistical information about the web site use and to check the properoperation of it.
The data could be used for ascertaiment of responsibility in the event of hypotetical crimes in damage of the web site.

2.2 Data voluntarilygiven by users

  • Personal data: name, surname, adress, telephone number, e-mail etc.
  • Tax data: ifrequired by law: VAT number, fiscal code etc.

The optional explicit and voluntarysending of such data by means of e-mail adress, or contactform on this web site, leads to the subsequentacquisition of the data in order to answer and manage the user’srequests.

The data will be stored for the time needed to provide the requested services.

2.3 Cookies law policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are small string of text that a web site stores on a user’s browser, in order to be broadcasted to the samesitesduring the next access.

Technical cookies (or session cookies)
Technical cookies are necessary for the properoperation  of the site. This  cookies are storeddirectly by the site and not stored persistently on the user’s device.
They Expire When You Close Your browser.
While the session cookies are not handled for aimsotherthanthatfunctional to a proper operation of the site, the installation does not require user’consent.

Third party profiling cookies
Are cookies set by other companies, whosend and handle them in full autonomy.

This cookies allow users of our site to use third party services, creating a browsing profilethatallows the third party sites to sendpromotionalmessages with your preferences.

Third party cookies embedded in our site are listed below and so are listedbelow the information links to the related management methods.

Analitical cookies: the site use Google Analytics in order to collect traffic statistics and operationalstatistics on the site, aiming to optimize the site operation and user’sexperience.

The use of Google Analytic cookies is in anonymous and/or aggregate form(hiddenip, etc.).

Thistrickreduces the ability to identify and prevents the sharing of data collected with Google.

Therefore the Google Analytic cookies in anonymous and/or aggregate form are assimilated to the technical cookies  and so their use do notrequire the user’sconsent.

For furtherdetails on Google policy privacy, check Google’s privacy policy

Social and siteslinked
The holder won’t be neverresponsible of the purpose of data processing by third party sites like social media platforms( Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) and web siteslinked.

Therefore We Invite users to take steps to safeguard their own data, takingcarefullyvision of the terms of use and of the privacy policy published on the visitedportals.

Cookies Youtube: for furtherdetails on third party cookies shared and read on Youtube, check Google’s privacy policy

Cookies Facebook and Instagram: for furtherdetails on third party cookies shared and read on Facebook and Instagram check the Data legislation

Cookies management with the major browsers

Microsoft Internet Expolorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozzilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

3. Processing method
The processwill be handledthrough IT and telematic tools and/or manually (foeexample on paper) for the time needed to achieve the goals for which the data havebeencollected, and in any case in compliance with regulation in force.

Place of data retention
The data are processedat the data controller operating offices and anywhere else people involved in the data processing are placed. For furtherdetails, contact  the data controller/holder.

Data retentionperiod
The personal data will be stored and handledas long asneeded to provideuser’srequested services.
User can alwaysask for interruption of processing or for own data deletion.

4. Mandatory or optional nature of data provision
Except of as specifed about the browsing data, users are free to provide or notown personal data.
Failure to provide personal data can only led to inability to obtain the requested service.

5. Data access
User’s data will be allowed to be shared with the following subjects or categories. Coworkers of the holders, assubjectsauthorized to the processing for internalorganization of professional activities.
Professionalfirms (accountants, lawyers) acknowledged for assistant to firms, whencommunicationislaw due  and regularlyappointed to suchtype of processing in full compliance with currentmeasures, or whenis of interest of subject( natural or loyalperson).
Third party (for example webmaster, provider  for web site management and maintenance, consultants, credit institutions, etc) whocarry out specifical technical and organizational services related to web site and professional activities on behalf of the holder, in theirquality of externalsubjects in charge of processing.
The holder communicatesthat he doesnotintend to share data with non-Europeanthird country or with non-Europeanorganizations.

6. Rights of concerned parties
If the treatment isbased on consent, then the holder informs the concernedsubjectthat he/shehasright to revoke the treatment without compromise itlawfullness, basedupon the consentgivenbefore the revocation.
Right to lodge a complaint: the holder informs the concernedsubjectthat he/shehasright to lodge a complaintaddressed to a supervisionary authority.
Right to lodge a complaint: if the treatment isbased on consent, then the holder informs the concernedsubject.
Thathe/shehas the right to revoke the treatment without compromise itslawfullnessbasedupon it slawfullness based upon the consent given before revocation.
The concerned subjects will be able to exercise the aforementioned rightseverytimesending:

  • a round trip recommended to the following address: Beauty Line Luise, via degli Aranci, 13 80067 Sorrento (NA)
  • a e-mail to:

7. Possible presence of automateddecision making
The holder informs the concerned subjects that on this web site there is no automated decision making, therefore there isn’t profiling system.

8. Changes to the privacy information
The privacy information is published on the address: and may undergo variations.
It Therefore Recommended to check regularly this information and refer to the most updated version.
This information has been updated on 22/10/2020 to be comply with the provisions in law.
In case of doubt or reports on our web privacy policy do notexitate to contact us